Who is Steamvac Australia

Steamvac Australia manufactures the most reliable, energy efficient and easily maintainable electric portable and truck mounted carpet and hard-surface cleaning systems on the market today.  As well as being 100% Australian owned and built, the Steamvac brand has been revolutionising the carpet cleaning industry since 1977.  Steamvac has become Australia’s leading choice for carpet, upholstery and hard surface cleaning equipment.

All of our Steamvac machines are designed to be functional, economical and portable, while at the same time maintaining the highest of standards necessary to meet the constant pressures of a high intensity, successful carpet cleaning business.

Years of ongoing research and development coupled with continuing modifications of production models within the Steamvac range, maintain three core principles of function, power and portability.  This continuing development program so impressed that it attracted a Government Research and Development Grant, which assisted in preserving our Steamvac brand’s hard earned reputation as the very best in steam cleaning technology.